Why We Need to Do Disruptive Marketing?

Disruptive Marketing is a revolutionary approach that breaks away from traditional advertising methods. Overall, technological advancement is a positive matter, but there were some marketing approaches deemed effective during the 90s that are outdated by now.

Usually, these old methods cost hundreds of thousands or even millions to formulate. Now they are just part of history. Today’s advertising is all about efficiency in costing and ability to impart user experience. Disruptive Marketing is available in various channels and formats, as the goal is to make a noise to be more noticeable.

You could save so much money as well. Posting viral ads to make a point does not even cost a fortune at all.

Get away from the annoying ads that you know consumers don’t care about. Engage them with your creativity. Innovative ads will impact consumers. It will give them a lasting impression which makes your brand more remarkable and relevant.

Types of Disruptive Marketing


Moving from Traditional Marketing to Disruptive Marketing

It’s about time to show why you need to shift from the boring traditional marketing to this new and fresh approach.

When the product gets old, and the same company releases a new one with the same features as the older one, do you think the consumers would buy it? I would bet everything I have; they won’t.

Moving from Traditional Marketing to Disruptive Marketing

This is the reason why disruptive marketing works effectively. So, what makes disruptive marketing always ahead of traditional marketing by miles?

First, it is challenging

Always challenging, in fact. With Disruptive Marketing, everything has to be out-of-the-box – you need an element of surprise to wow your consumers. It is not a one-time deal though; you have to do it consistently.

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Second, it is approachable

Traditional marketers more often than not treat consumers like droids. Isn’t that sickening?

Disruptive marketing agencies, on the other hand, may incorporate compassion into their advertisements. They reach out to you, the consumer, instead of leaving a platform and expecting you to respond.

Third, it’s affordable.

A simple viral video would only cost a few hundred to a thousand bucks than a studio-made commercial ad. Both may work, but apparently one of them is more cost-efficient than the other.


How it’s Evolved with Digital Marketing

The marketing trends of today work pretty much like an ecosystem that shapes marketing in a way that it can achieve evolution.

Trends are fluctuating, which is why you need to acknowledge how impactful they are now. This will help you plan for the future. For now, I will be highlighting some of these trends that could shine a brighter light on 21st-century marketing.

Mobile First

If you are reading this, I am assuming that you have your mobile device with you. Android phones, iPhones, iPads, tablets, smartphones, you name it. Any handheld device that can access the Internet is an intelligent mobile device.

You might have overlooked the power of your mobile device. You might have bought that cool-looking gadget because you were hooked by that advertisement you just saw.

Believe it or not, this is what companies aim for. They can send ads to every social media that you can usually access. You just took the bait, mate!

Is that a bad thing? Well, this is an opportunity for you to do the same for your business as well.

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Content Marketing

I will reiterate once again: Content is king. Every business knows this principle, hence the craze for content marketing.

Developing content to push the brand’s relevance is not something new. We have done it before, and now it takes on a whole new level.

There are five ways on how you could elevate your content. These are Thought Leadership, Brand Publishing, High-Quality Universal Content, Search Engine Optimization, and Product Descriptions.

While you can utilize these methods, you have to take note that you can never be on top of everything.

Disruptive Marketing is all about convenience and originality. Depending on your brand concept, you may need to utilize different content marketing strategies to market your ideas effectively.

User-Generated Content

Social media is a powerful entity which can make or break a company. It is a double-edged sword which you can wield to vanquish the competition. One wrong move though, and your company will be wounded deeply.

Platforms like Youtube, Snapchat, and Instagram are the usual avenues of marketing agencies to let their brand be known.

Interactive contests such as posting selfies or videos are becoming the norm. These consumers represent the brand and share it with everybody, which helps make the brand more recognizable without spending a fortune.

Product as Marketing

Product marketing and service marketing are two entirely different fields. They each utilize different strategies to brandish their offerings. According to Geoffrey Colon, the former will be more common than the latter.

Service companies have ensured brand loyalty when clients renew their contracts with them. On the other hand, product companies can quickly add improvements to their older selections to continually hook the consumer.

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Generally speaking, it is easier to master and study technical skills than to brainstorm new and unique ideas. However, when your product is hot, all eyes are over you.

Personalized Marketing will be the Norm

Disruptive Marketing is not just purely making noise. The “all bark, no bite” mentality does not work here. You need to take action. You can have the most viral or charismatic campaigns in the world. However, if you are not consistent in establishing relationships, then the consumers will leave you.

People are now more intelligent than before. They know if the company is fooling them. Consumers voices are now much louder and more impactful as well. You don’t want to be dubbed as that “ one-hit wonder” company who has gone into obscurity, right?

There are various ways on how you could disrupt your consumers. Disruptive Marketing is an adaptable and flexible approach that works well with technology.

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