Twitter 2018 Highlights: Which Ones Have Dominated The Twitterverse?

Interesting Twitter 2018 Highlights to Close the Year

As we ready ourselves for a new calendar year, we will wrap up 2018 with a bang. Year-end reports and “top-ten” lists are always customary, so we’ll be joining the bandwagon as well. This time around, we’ll talk about Twitter, a social media giant that’s always been influential in a myriad of ways.

Like the previous years, 2018 has been a roller coaster ride of surprises and breakthroughs. For better or for worse, the year ends with interesting twists and turns. From superstars to video games to sports to movements, our Twitter facts for 2018 will surely feed your soul. Again, for better or for worse.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane (like a year’s worth of memories), shall we?


All About Twitter

So, why do we have this article in the first place? Simple. As we said earlier, Twitter is very influential around the globe, well, at least for social media users, that is. One statistic shows that there are about 3.196 billion people who connect on social media right now. Twitter reports that on Q3 of 2018, there were 326 million active accounts worldwide. This number almost reaches the US’ entire population.

Throwing that value aside, not everyone uses Twitter, yet they still know the platform well. You can attribute this to huge news channels delivering headlines that are usually connected to the media platform. In a way, we’re getting our dose of Twitter’s presence every single day.

Further, it’s interesting to know that users share about 125 million hashtags every day. This year alone, there’s an average of 1,000 GIF tweets per day, which totals to more or less half a billion annually. While these results look overwhelming, Twitter still falls short behind Facebook and Instagram in terms of user engagement.

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Which Video Games Are Hot on Twitter’s Radar?

You don’t normally see gaming and social media in the same sentence. However, there’s an undeniable connection between the two, especially now when games are more socially inclined.

Gone are the days when consoles are fun to play with even if you’re alone. The upgrading of consoles and development of games have abridged the disparity between social networking sites and game companies. Gamers love to talk any new game release, and forums are just not enough.

This puts Twitter to the mix, being an avenue for different causes. On the companies’ side, they use the site as a marketing platform. Meanwhile, enthusiasts talk about the game or express their opinions about it. Companies generate hype, leading to more interactions between the players on Twitter.

With this, several games have conquered the Twitterverse. Leading the boards right now for the most tweets is Epic Games’ Fortnite. The game currently has 200 million players and counting. If you consider at least half of that population as Twitter users, then that’s already a hundred million potential tweets per day. Of course, that’s not the exact value, but the possibility is mind-blowing.

Other games that made the list are Call of Duty, Pokémon, Overwatch, Super Mario, and Grand Theft Auto, among others.

Surprisingly, the user with the most number of a retweeted tweet is not a celebrity, but actually someone from the gaming world. El Rubius, a Spanish gamer, presently has 1.4 million retweets on a simple one-liner quote, which displays “LIMONADA 2.0”.

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The Brightest Stars on Twitter, 2018 Edition

It’s basically common sense at this point to surmise that celebs use social media to bolster their fame further. This reaches to the point where even the most nonsensical tweets are still clamored by fans at large. Due to these stars’ huge following, it’s unsurprising to see that every tweet coming from them receives thousands of retweets, likes, or comments.

Now it’s all down to the numbers: Which star shone the brightest this year?

Well, the term “star” is not enough. Apparently, the crown doesn’t go to a single person. Instead, a male group reigns supreme this time around. Korean pop stars BTS snagged the top spot, with Exo on the fifth.

LeBron James is technically counted as an athlete, but he’s also taking the number two spot on the celebs list. Others that made it into the cream of the crop are Drake, Kanye West, Ariana Grande, Beyoncé, among others.

Television shows are also a topic of discussion on Twitter. Saturday Night Live is 2018’s number one, followed by Roseanne, Grey’s Anatomy, The Walking Dead, and Big Brother.

For movies, Black Panther and The Avengers: Infinity War are the most talked about. The Incredibles 2, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and Dead Pool 2 also appear on the list.


When Sports and Twitter Collide

There are millions of sports fans all over the world. Believe it or not, their admiration towards athletes are so overwhelming that it transformed the latter into celebrities. We’ve established that LeBron James aced the list earlier, so we’ll lay down the ones that follow him.

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Kobe Bryant still has not lost his fame even after retirement, grabbing the third spot. Tennis superstar Serena Williams comfortably places herself on the seventh spot, while NBA’s Stephen Curry got the tenth.

February 25 was the day with the most tweets, owing to the Olympic Winter Games. NFL Protests are also hot on the trail, being the second most tweeted movement. We’ll move into that right now.

Twitter 2018 Highlights: Which Ones Have Dominated The Twitterverse?


Other Movements

Several events were quite notable this year, whether they have sprung out from advocacies or controversies. Every now and then, a movement arises, and what better place to spread campaigns? Social media of course! March For Our Lives has the most engagement in this field, along with Me Too and Black Lives Matter.


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