This Belgian Company Turbulent Uses Whirlpool Turbine to Provides Energy for 24 Hours a Day

Turbulent hydroelectricity can be generated by utilizing the energy of the flow of the rivers that provide electricity 24*7 to the rural communities. The turbines are installed in the river and canals which can generate sufficient electricity for more than fifty homes. A low cost and effective solution to the rural communities for producing renewable energy through establishing a small-scale hydropower plant can provide power opportunity to the rural communities. Turbulent hydro can produce clean energy and can be supplied to the remote areas of the world residing on the banks of the river, where power is the biggest issue.

Turbulent Hydro Provides Energy 24 Hours a Day Help Communities


Who Invented this?

Turbulence in fluid dynamics is the pattern of the fluid characterized by pressure and flow velocity. There is no disruption in the fluid layers and turbulence is easier to generate during low viscosity fluids as it is caused by kinetic energy. Richard Feynman has described turbulence in classical physics. This application has been implemented in the rivers to generate hydroelectricity to power the houses.

Turbulence can be predicted through Reynolds number, by calculating the velocity of the fluid and the length or distance travelled by the fluid. As the Reynolds number increases, turbulence effect is created.


What are the benefits?

Turbulent hydro energy is a boon to the country as it can be used to generate energy and supply electricity in the rural communities thus improving the lives of the rural people. The benefits of turbulent hydro energy are:

  1. A small-scale plant which can produce clean energy; thus, there is no damage to the environment.
  2. It uses the natural flow of the rivers and canals to produce renewable source of energy.
  3. It doesn’t require huge construction work, thus is cost effective.
  4. Easy to install and harness energy
  5. It can be used to power around 60 homes in the rural communities
  6. It is a renewable power opportunity for the rural communities
  7. It is improving the lives of rural communities through developing small hybrid renewable energy systems.
  8. It doesn’t damage the marine life of the river.
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How does it work?

An easy to install turbulent has been constructed in many rural communities today. One needs to construct prefabricated work adjacent to the flowing river and employing a turbine at a lower level. Turbines must be installed in lower basins so that the river generates kinetic energy. The flow of the river must be directed to the turbine that has been placed. The kinetic energy created by the river is converted into electricity. Kinetic energy is generated as the river flows through the turbine creating a whirlpool thus converting the energy of flow of the river into electricity.


Conclusion about the Turbulent Hydro

It is amazing how the fundamental of classical physics can be applied in generating the power thereby empowering the rural communities of the country. An easy to install and inexpensive way of generating power through the energy of the river must be utilized by all the countries to generate electricity to solve the power issues of their states.

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