Wriology provides various content curation services for websites, LinkedIn posts, blog posting, email newsletters, proof reading, Resume & Cover letters. The description of ten such services have been described below:

SEO Content Writing Service

Website Pages

Having a super dynamic website will not be ranked in Google, unless you have the right content, the precise keywords which is worth the customer’s time and efforts. We make sure that informative content is produced on your website page which answers the reader’s query. We make the website page communicate through about your business which holds the interest of the reader by:

  • Understanding your business niche
  • Draft a connect that will connect easily with the reader
  • Appropriate uses of keyword along with its positioning
  • Format and structure of the website page content

Blog Posts Writing Service

Blog Posts

Blogs are engaging articles which must interest the readers. Excellent blogs on website have the potential to convert these interested readers to buyers. Every blog’s value is defined by its SEO and the right content marketing. Our services are not limited to SEO but:

  • Well researched, quality articles
  • Right tone and easy to understand/quick read articles
  • Optimized keyword usage
  • Non-plagiarised
  • 0 grammatical errors

Email Newsletter Writing Service

Email Newsletter

Email newsletter are an important form of content marketing as you stay in touch with your customers. They give you leads and increase your visitors to the website. We offer email newsletter services in a way that the content is relevant to stay on the top of the email box. Email newsletter allows you to be there in their email box and thus engage them and thus increase the sales of your product through:

  • Catchy headlines/subject that will make the customer go through your email
  • Informative with 0 error emails
  • Call to action in the end of the newsletter
  • Appropriate format and structure of the newsletter

Proofreading Writing Service


All the content crafted needs to re checked for errors, clarification and to make it more proficient. Proofreading is the final step done before completion of the article and it is one of the most essential part of content writing. We will proofread your final draft of content and help you finish the content with our proofreading services:

  • Manual proofreading will help us check for minor and hidden errors
  • We manually check for punctuation’s, tense and the structure formation of the sentence
  • We make sure there is a consistency throughout the article
  • We make sure the accuracy of reference is maintained through cross checking with references

Cover Letter Writing Service

Cover Letter

A well written cover letter is the job winning content as it is the first impression that the recruiter has on you.  We can offer best cover letter writing services which will definitely make you eligible for an interview through:

  • Customized cover letter based on the job description or suitability
  • An organized cover letter with a definite structure
  • Impressive content for recruiters
  • Well written informative content with 0 grammatical error.

Resume Writing Service


We create resume that definitely wins you the job, perfectly describing your career vision, your history which will make you shine amongst your competition. The perfect resume that we craft will get noticed by your recruiters and managers. What do we add to your resume:

  • Add strength and values
  • Give a proper template to your resume
  • Content that is impressive
  • Grammatically correct content

Product Description Writing Service

Product Description

The products description must be defined in a way that customer can understand the need and significance of the product thus letting him a right decision. We create product description in a way that can create a desire in the customer’s mind to purchase the product. Having a fancy and attractive product description excites the customer. The following tips show how do we produce product descriptions:

  • Perfect description that shows your brand value through right tone
  • Describing about the product functioning and its benefits to the user
  • Excitement description that shall make the reader buy the product
  • Call to action at the end of the product description

LinkedIn Profile Writing Service

LinkedIn Profile

A complete LinkedIn profile can create multiple opportunities on this professional network. A powerful profile makes you visible and gives the recruiter complete details about your work, current position and academics. Every profile created is good but there is a lack of a boost or professionalism in the profile which is what we do!

  • Writing the profile in a narrative way
  • Well searched keywords which will make you get found on LinkedIn
  • A well described summary about you, your career growth and aspiration
  • Have call to action with your contact details.

Facebook Post Writing Service

Facebook Post

Social media platform is the best to reach out to your target audience and increase the traffic flowing to your website, hence for this right content must be produced. Right content will definitely make people read it and they are looking forward to hear more from you. Our content writing services for social media covers the following:

  • Insightful posts that will go viral on Facebook.
  • Regular updates to keep the followers updated.
  • Informative and to the point posts
  • Increasing the brand visibility through interesting posts

LinkedIn Post Writing Service

LinkedIn Post

LinkedIn post are important for growing business and thus quality rich informative articles are well circulated on LinkedIn. Strong LinkedIn post keeps you updated on this professional network and grows your reach to the target audience. Your LinkedIn profile must make you stand out and this can be done through:

  • SEO searched keywords so that the target audience can find you
  • Persuasive and 0 error content
  • Non-plagiarised content
  • Right structure of the article as per LinkedIn trends