Reasons Why Indoor Air is More Polluted Than Outdoor Air

6 Biggest Reasons Why Indoor Air is More Polluted Than Outdoor Air

According to the reports from EPA USA, indoor air is two to five time more polluted than the air outside our homes. This might be a false implication in the beliefs of many, but it is completely accurate. Today, we look at the reasons why indoor air is more polluted than outdoor air.


You Cook

Cooking creates gases like carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, etc., which mix up with the atmosphere to pollute your house. Whatever you use to cook- gas, wood or electric stove, everything will contaminate the air given that they are a source of heat. Adding on to that, heating oil and fat at high temperature also releases pollutants.


Air from the Outside

After all, you cannot close your windows and door all the time. You sometimes need to welcome the outdoor air, but the problem is that pollutants also sneak their way in. Later on, they get trapped inside your house. However, you can manage this by talking with your home renovator contractor and installing well-placed ventilation.

Reasons Why Indoor Air is More Polluted Than Outdoor Air



If you have pets in your house, then you have a lot of pollutants playing in the air. Pet dander is one of the major reasons for indoor air causing allergies. At the same time, factors such as waste release, pet tears, germs, etc. play huge roles to affect the freshness of oxygen inside your door.


Things in Your House

Beauty products like nail polish release toxic chemicals which harm indoor air. Carpets, mats and wooden furniture do the same. It implies that your house becomes polluted even if you leave things be.

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Well, if it’s the case, you might be questioning why every air is not contaminated. It is because indoor pollutants get trapped inside, but outside there are oxidizing particles such as Hydrogen peroxide which reach with contaminants and reduce them into oxygen and water.



Second-hand smoke is no better than someone inhaling directly. If you or any of your family members smoke inside the house, it affects the entire family. Smoking causes pollutants which mix up with the air. This means smoking doesn’t only affect you until you can smell it, but it remains there inside your house, increasing the risk of lung cancer and heart disease for everyone.

Reasons Why Indoor Air is More Polluted Than Outdoor Air


 Dirt Particles

No matter how often you vacuum, there always are some spaces where you can’t reach. So, your house continually has dust and mites. At the same time, your home might be a breeding place for cockroaches and other disease-carrying insects. All the things like these contribute to your indoor air being unsafe for you to breathe in.


Prevention and Control of Indoor Air Pollution

It is true that indoor air is more polluted than outdoor air, but you can take some steps to prevent the ill-effects. First, it would be to keep your house tidy. You will need to clean it regularly. After that, you should check if there is proper ventilation in the kitchen or living room where you have a fireplace.

The number one way to reduce air pollution indoors would be to buy an air purifier. The device can kill every toxin in the air and also ward off a foul smell. Click here for our number one recommendation.

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These were the reasons why indoor air is more polluted than outdoor air. Contact us for more information.




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