Is a 4 Days Work Week instead 5 Better for Businesses

For quite some time now, this topic has been an interesting one. We hear about many business companies resolving into a 4 days work week as opposed to the five, and many ‘researches’ seem to have claimed that it is more productive. Or, is it? Actually, the researches have been true, and to many people’s surprise, many business offices have made more income with their employees working only four days a week. And getting further into it, here are the reasons for that:


Less Time to Waste

With employees working for only four days a week, they are more dedicated and find themselves in a place where they can’t afford to waste any time. Things are meant to be done, the people having lesser time to work are found to be knowing about this. Office room chatters and all those little things which contribute to the time being left unused are greatly reduced with lesser time to get things done.

Is a 4 Days Work Week instead 5 Better for Businesses


Lower Stress Level

Working 32 hours a week also has a significant effect on people’s mentality. Always having a three days break to look forward to, the stress level of the employees are found to be lowered consequentially. No matter how hard they work, a three days break is always more than enough for them to lighten things up and to be fresh, to come back as new.


Smart Work

Hard work is what a business expects from its employees, but there is also another way to get things done. And that is working smart rather than working hard. Smart work has been considered something that helps on a long term. And with lesser hours to work, the employees become more creative, and always find a new way to do their task, which most of the time turns out to be the better way.

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Is a 4 Days Work Week instead 5 Better for Businesses


Work-Life Balance

With a 4 days work week, the employees find enough time to become themselves. Everyone has a life outside their office, and a person loves that life. And when they are given enough time to experience and enjoy their lives to the fullest, they are always in high spirits and eventually turn out to be more productive. The concept of working four days a week is a win-win situation, for both, the business and the employees, and of course, everyone’s families.


Better Teamwork

Better teamwork is promoted with a 4 days work week. The employees, always being positive, are willing to communicate more with the others to get their work done together in the best way possible. This is also partly because of the lesser time they get. They will need to make use of everything they can, the help of their colleagues is just one of them. So, this practice is found to help with better chemistry of the employees, which, of course, could be an important asset to the business.

Is a 4 Days Work Week instead 5 Better for Businesses

I hope it was a good read. But remember, this was based on the experience of many business offices and to get your own report, you will have to experiment with it yourself.

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