How to Start an Ecommerce Business in Singapore

Ecommerce is simply a business transaction which takes place through the internet. So, the base of starting an Ecommerce business in Singapore is similar to any other businesses– make plans so that you can sell that what can be sold. Know about how the market works and incorporate all your knowledge and skill sets to make out the most you can from your business. And, of course, use the internet for that.

The internet lets you communicate, and proper communication is that what’s needed to let the people make a business deal. Understand this first, and then any Ecommerce business you do can be a success. The internet lets you have an opportunity for the most effective communication, and that’s easily seen as Ecommerce has let many businesses bloom. Making a good use of Ecommerce means flourishing your business, and to let you know exactly how you can do so, here is how you can start an Ecommerce business in Singapore.


Research, Analyze and Plan

First, you will need to find a business idea that is going to benefit you and the only way to do it is to sell something that fulfills the need of the marketplace. You need to use your mind to build a successful business, do it from the start. First, select the niche that you are familiar with. It is always good to start a business of stuff or a service which you already know about. And the next, know your potential buyers. You will need to direct all your products to them and make sure that what you offer can be met through your available resources. Have sales and marketing strategies and also, take the time to analyze your competitions. If there is some, then you will need to make sure that what you offer is unique from what others do in at least some ways. Special features or a lower price, you will need to have a selling point which attracts all the people towards you and make sure you are always thinking of a way to grow your business. Tick mark all of these on your checklist, and if done so, move on towards the next step.


Business Laws and Taxes

Your business could be in various fields, and you will need to know about the laws and tax rules in the particular matter. It is very important that you teach yourself about such, and know that it will help you from getting into any troubles in the future. Get the proper licenses and make sure that your complete business compliances with the law.


Starting an Ecommerce Business in Singapore: The Necessary Infrastructure

Now you know about how you should be going about selling things, let’s jump on to the internet aspect of starting an Ecommerce business in Singapore.


The First Thing You Need To Do Is Build a Website

You will need to build and design a website where you could advertise and sell your products. Here are the steps on how you could build an Ecommerce website:

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Register a Domain Name

Domain name is what a user types in the browser so that they can access your website. You need to register a domain name for your business, and you can buy it from many providers, look for a reasonable deal.

Choose a Web Hosting Server

Having a web hosting service means buying some space in a server computer where you can store the content of your website. There are many web hosting services available whose price vary on the services provided, select what is the best for you.

Create and Design Your Website

After your website is legally registered and it can be accessed from the internet, now it is your interest to build and design the website. There are many ways you could do it yourself, or you could also hire a professional web designer to build one. If you are considering the latter one, that is also a good idea, but if not, you don’t need to worry, there are many simple ways for you to build it by yourself. Among them, one of the easiest and the most effective way is using WordPress. It is a hosting service which helps you to design your website and is simple to use. Let’s say if you know how to use some word processing software like Microsoft Word, then you can easily get a grasp of WordPress. There are also other services like WordPress, which you could use as per your ease.

Is there an online course to learn how to do build a WordPress Site?

Yes, there are quite a few online course about how to build a WordPress Site, and if you are getting started to build your very own website, this link about Create An Effective Website For Your Business Online Workshop may suit you.


Creating Your Ecommerce Website – Ecommerce Platforms

An Ecommerce platform- it is a platform where you could build your Ecommerce website. It lets you have the perfect business model in your website such that it could be made convenient and simple to use. In simpler terms, take it as a special type of program designed to build an Ecommerce website. There are many great Ecommerce platforms, but among them, here are two of the best you should keep a note of.


Shopify Ecommerce Platform

Shopify has been one of the most preferred Ecommerce website builders, and rightfully so because of its simplicity and the features it provides for a relatively smaller price than everything else. The packages in Shopify start from $29 to $299, which lets you use only the features that you currently need. With Shopify, you could also link your social accounts and turn your social media into an Ecommerce platform. Of course, you will need your domain to use Shopify, and you could get by one with them. But it is not necessary, and the best part of all, your domain name can have the name that you choose for it.

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How do I join Shopify as a seller?

Click here to sign up as Shopify Seller outside Singapore.

What are the Shopify Pricing Fee?

  Basic Shopify Shopify Advanced Shopify
Monthly price USD $29 per month USD $79 per month USD $299 per month
Credit Card Rates
Singapore Cards 3.2% + 50¢ 3.1% + 50¢ 3% + 50¢
International/Amex 3.6% + 50¢ 3.5% + 50¢ 3.4% + 50¢
Transaction Fees
Using Shopify Payments None None None
Using external payment gateways 2.0% 1.0% 0.5%
Staff accounts 2 5 15
Number of products & File storage Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
24/7 support, Fraud analysis, Manual order creation, Discount codes, Website and blog , Abandoned cart recovery, Free SSL certificate
Gift Cards Yes Yes
Professional reports Yes Yes
Advanced report builder Yes
Third-party calculated shipping rates Yes

More information about Shopify Pricing Fee can be found here.


Fulfillment Services outside of Singapore

Everyone looking to start an Ecommerce business in Singapore must know about fulfillment services. A Order fulfillment service is a third party storing and delivering your product to a customer. A service of this type helps you a lot, for you will not have to worry about having any space left in your business storeroom and also not worry about the shipping services.

There are many fulfillment services, and you could choose one according to the price and your need. Meaning that there are either fulfillment services you could use for delivering things inside and outside Singapore.

Among many fulfillment services, here are the best so far

Shipping Outside Singapore

If you want your Ecommerce business in Singapore to ship products outside the country, these are the best fulfillment services you could opt for.


Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA)

For an Ecommerce marketplace website, Amazon has one of the biggest networks in the world, and that is partly because of the excellent fulfillment service it provides. When you decide to use an Amazon fulfillment service, it also means that your products are put up in They are safely stored and packaged, and whenever a customer makes an order, they are directly shipped to them by Amazon itself. The prices of the things you store are to be paid according to their weight, meaning that the prices are reasonable for the size you store in their warehouse.

How do I join Amazon as a seller?

Click here to sign up as Amazon Seller outside Singapore.

Is there a course workshop in Singapore to learn how to do Fulfillment By Amazon?

There are quite a few private mentors that have learn throughout the years to build their Amazon business in USA and here is one where you can Start Private Label eCommerce Business Workshop in Singapore.


Fulfillment by eBay (FBE)

To do an Ecommerce business in Singapore and sell your service worldwide, another dependable fulfillment service is the fulfillment by eBay. The services that they offer are also considered of the highest order, and you can depend on them for shipping your items worldwide without any problems. The fees you need to pay eBay are also almost identical with Amazon, and these two services are nearly same for the most part, for both of them are famous worldwide, it is only that the customers in eBay are also allowed to make a bargain on your products.

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How do I join eBay as a seller?

Click here to sign up as eBay Seller outside Singapore.


Shipping Inside Singapore

If you only want to ship your products inside Singapore, here are the best services you could go for.


Qxpress Fulfillment Service (QFS)

Qxpress is one of the best online marketplaces in Singapore, and for those doing an Ecommerce business in Singapore, Qxpress could be of huge help. Their warehouse is one of the safest places in Singapore for you to keep your products and also, they help you sell products of various categories. Access their website through, and see for yourself how many vendors have entrusted them with their stuff.

How do I join Qoo10 as a seller?

Click here to sign up as Qoo10 Seller in Singapore.


Fulfillment by Lazada (FBL)

Another alternative for you is the fulfillment service by Lazada. They also have a very reasonable service, and also have a customer service and also facilitate any return management. Lazada’s deliveries are also very secure and faster compared to other fulfillment services.

How do I join Lazada as a seller?

Click here to sign up as Lazada Seller in Singapore.


Fulfillment By Shopee (FBS)

Shoppe is another great place for both the vendors and the customers looking for the best items. They are known for their reliable service, benefiting both the customer and the business people with the best deals. And their fulfillment service is also a great one, one of the best you could find around Singapore.

How do I join Shopee Mall as a seller?

All Shopee Mall sellers in Singapore have to fulfill the minimum criteria of providing 15 days return and free shipping on at least one logistics channel. Email to and attach your Business ACRA File in the email.


Carousell Singapore

Carousell also provides services for products of various categories and when you take a look at them,, you will see so many products ready for sale in their fulfillment. For so many vendors and customers trusting them alike, they definitely are very special, so you could also consider entrusting your products to them.

Well, this is how starting an Ecommerce business in Singapore, you can also check out this article that shares about more information on Guide to Starting an Online Ecommerce Business in Singapore.

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