How To Choose The Right Winder With LCD Display?

Your Buying Guide Tips about the Winder With LCD Display

A Watch Winder Box is not only responsible for keeping your self-winding mechanical watches running, but they are also a good investment for the long-term maintenance of your watches. A watch is more than something that tells you the time- actually, the watch you have around your wrist is who you are. They tell your personality. And your class. So, for you spending quite a lot on your watch also means you should have the best place to keep it in. To help you with that, here we have- some things you should know beforehand- before you get a watch winder with LCD display.


Number of Watches Fitting In Your Winder

First off, here’s the first thing you should consider. Different winder models can accommodate a different number of watches in them- keep this is check. Know your need- there are single winders, double winders, triple winders and quad winders, meaning that they can store one to four watches in them. Some might even fit more, so you have a lot of options.



The mechanism of a watch winder is such that there is a motor fitted in the device which keeps the watches running. A motor is a rotating device- and it makes a sound. Some winders, especially the cheaper ones use low-quality motors. And they could make a lot of noise such that they couldn’t be befitting to be kept in your bedroom, figure this out.



Having a watch winder with LCD display doesn’t only mean that the LCD is its sole feature. These devices range regarding what they provide; some solely keep the motor running to keep your watches busy while some even regulate the temperature inside them to ensure your watches with a perfect environment to run on.

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Wooden Automatic Watch Winder Case with LCD Touch Screen for 12+2 WatchesWooden Automatic Watch Winder Case with LCD Touch Screen for 12+2 Watches


Some other important features available are:

Turning modes: As per the industry standards, there are three turning modes- clockwise mode, counter-clockwise mode and alternate mode. Different watches require different modes, so choose your watch winder accordingly.
Turn And Rest: Take this simply as a feature which works your watch, but doesn’t overwork it. This type of watch winder stops occasionally, to give your watch a ‘breathing space’ which is very important regarding its maintenance.

Turns Per Day (Adjustable Feature): Some watch winders also allow you to customize the turns per day, which is for the more precise settings.

LCD Display for 2 Automatic Watches and 3 Watches Storage Compartment with LED Case BacklightLCD Display for 2 Automatic Watches and 3 Watches Storage Compartment with LED Case Backlight



Well, when you decide to get something, make sure that it is built like the way you would prefer it. It is the same for the winders, and they could be made of leather, silk or fine wood. Prices may vary depending on it and also, don’t forget; different materials need different approaches of maintenance, you should know of this fact.



Some watch cases are open, and some are not- sometimes, this could be a factor for safekeeping your watches. Be wise, and sometimes, this could also mean that you might need to sacrifice your design choice.



Expensive things don’t automatically mean they are good; you already know this. No matter how luxurious something could be, cost efficiency is still something that matters.

Knowing these things is just enough for you to choose one of the top 10 best watch winder with LCD display. Make sure you make the perfect decision.

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