How To Choose The Right MMO Gaming Mouse?

Your Buying Guide Tips about the MMO Gaming Mouse

Are you an Avid Gamer?
Are you fanatic about World of Warcraft?
But do you use still use a regular mouse?

You have to gear up. Massively Multiplayer Online MMO Gaming Mouse has emerged for the generic audience and has undergone rapid development in the last couple of years. The gaming mouse has superior precision, control to standard optical, efficient tracking but a standard MMO gaming mouse have the tremendous number of the button for triggering shortcuts and macros.

MMO gaming mouse has evolved with 12 button grid for the thumb and an absolute essential for all the strategy games like Final Fantasy XIV, Star Wars: The Old Republic and Age of Empire.

Man Playing with MMO Gaming Mouse

All of the MMO gaming mouse and other gaming mice as well have the different level of programming and customizing. Check them out at Top 10 MMO Gaming Mouse. They have featured lists that have the best configurations, specification and most importantly intuitive.


Characteristics of MMO Gaming Mouse

Generally, Gaming Mouse isn’t all that different from your normal mouse. However, their design makes them unique and special. Just because it has the dozen of buttons and an acid strip of LED lights flashing over don’t make them MMO gaming mouse. There are two main characteristics of an MMO gaming mouse that you need to worth considering while you make some smart decision in purchase.

1. An advanced optical or laser sensor – It enables the functions effectively with some amount of user customization
2. The feature of Extra Buttons – Determining the speed and sensitivity.

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Almost all the MMO gaming mouse is wired and due to which there is an input lag. But it occurs at the rate of few hundredths of a second. Yet other wireless gaming mice, wireless is way expensive but have no guarantee on an improved experience.


3 Things to Watch before you buy MMO Gaming Mouse

DPI settings

The expression of the resolution of the mouse is Dots-Per-inch (DPI), also referred to as Characters=Per-Inch (CPI). MMO gaming mouse has, but the most common setting is 800DPI, 1600DPI, 2400DPI. In some higher MMO mice, you can customize the DPI settings which is the bonus that will range from 1000DPI-3600DPI following an increment of 25-100DPI every time. This means you will love the experience of changing from Low DPI settings like ‘run and snipe’ mode to high DPI gaming mouse mode to ‘kill and fire.’

Lower DPIs are good and fine to control, and Higher DPI gaming mouse is super cool for the gun shoots, fast run especially on the high-resolution monitors.


The primary feature of MMO gaming mouse is their buttons. Like other regular mice, even MMO has a left button, right button and also scroll-wheel features available. They are the programmable button and redesigning them is fatal when it comes to gaming. Hence when you purchase these mice always neglect these three buttons by default to find the actual number of keys that can be used. These programmable buttons are stored with the macros which are the functions or keystrokes in the gaming are also available in laser gaming mouse.

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In some cases like ambidextrous mice, there is two thumb button on both the sides of the mouse to limit the usage of the ‘click-off’ buttons.


MMO gaming mouse comes in many shapes and sizes. Like the weapons that you see in ‘Fantasy and Furious.’ However, choose what comfort for your usage is. They are made of comfortable materials, and most of them are silky, soft, and smooth and have a rubberized grip. If you are looking for some affordable material, you can buy an MMO gaming mouse that is textured plastic and glossy. Also, some of this mouse is made of nylon-sheathed cables that have much durability. Like you plug the mouse and won’t miss the beat because it is handy and flexible.

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