Your Buying Guide Tips about the Home Air Purifier

Air purifiers, as their name suggests, purify the air you are breathing in. And buying a home air purifier means always having better air inside your house- pure oxygen that your lungs are supposed to take in. These devices don’t only give you something to breathe, but they also help your conditions of allergy, asthma and even keep you safe from other airborne diseases. In other words, you could also say this device sterilizes you home- and makes your life more comfortable. So getting a home air cleaner is a great decision, but you obviously should be aware of what you should be buying.

Your Buying Guide Tips about the Home Air PurifierYour Buying Guide Tips about the Home Air Purifier

Here are the things you should know of before deciding to get a home air purifier.


Why Do You Need One (Types of Home Air Purifiers)

The answer may seem easy for this one- but you will need to know that home air purifiers are customized according to the people’s needs. There are various types of these gadgets you could get- depending on the technology used, you will need to choose one according to what you expect your device to deliver.

HEPA Filtration

The home purifiers based on this technology are considered the most efficient. They can trap anomalies as small as 0.03 micron.

Ionic Filtration

After the HEPA technology comes to the device which filters the air particles with ions. For your home air purifier based on this technology, it helps eliminate contaminants spot 0.1 microns in size.

Carbon Filtration

A special form of carbon with millions of absorbent pores is placed in your device which the impurities occupy. The devices based on this technology instead cancel the foul smell in your home than purify the air.

Ultra Violet Ray

If you are wary about disease-carrying bacteria lurking on the air you breathe in, you get one of these. This device directs an ultraviolet ray straight on the impurities to kill them; this is how it got its name.

Your Buying Guide Tips about the Home Air Purifier


Operating Costs

From electricity bills to the filter replacement, it is going to take your money to have an air purifier in your home. Something that comes at a lower price doesn’t mean that these things will be cheap as well. What you pay for the maintenance could easily overshadow the little price tag you paid. So, choose your device wisely.


Sound Made By an Air Purifier

Usually, there is a small fan attached to your air purifier which sucks in the unwanted particles loitering in the air. Of course, it does a good job helping make the air in your home safe to breathe. Still, it makes a sound. Some air purifiers make a sound so loud that it will have you in unease placing them in your bedroom. Consider this carefully.



There could be various special features on a home air purifier depending on the model. Keep an eye out for them. Some of the most famous features are servicing timer, programmable timer, carrying handle, remote control, noise canceller, air purity indicator, dirt sensor and so on.

With these things in check, I hope this will help you to select precisely what you need. For that, you should take a look at the Top 10 Home Air Purifier.