How To Choose The Right Elliptical Cross Trainers?

Your Buying Guide Tips about the Elliptical Cross Trainers

Whether you are looking for a machine that impacts both upper and lower body or for a calorie burning machine, an Elliptical Cross Trainer is the ideal choice.

How To Choose The Right Elliptical Cross Trainers?But with so many varied options in the market, it is not easy to select one. You should know the types of Elliptical Cross Trainers, their stride length, flywheel weight among other things. Here we will give you some tips that will help you be better informed when you select an Elliptical Cross Trainer.

Types of Elliptical Cross Trainers

Incline Cross Trainer – This machine is particularly good for the thigh muscles and the core muscles. You can adjust the incline of the trainer to the level you want or are comfortable in. It could be set to simulate a walk on a flat surface or a climb on a hill.


Variable Stride Length Cross Trainer

This machine allows you to adjust stride lengths during different times of exercise. You can set it to short strides, to simulate walking, or long strides similar to running or jogging. It also caters to a family where different members have different stride lengths.


Ergometer Cross Trainer

This cross trainer is especially good for athletes because it measures resistance accurately in watts, which is very important. It is not much preferred by regular customers as it is expensive.


Electromagnetic Resistance Cross Trainers

Most good quality cross trainers use this method of controlling resistance, by applying varying magnetic fields. This is a very effective way to control resistance and is useful when various people use the cross trainer.

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Belt Resistance Cross Trainers

These cross trainers use just a belt and a flywheel to control resistance. They are very cheap and not sturdy at all.


Rear or Front Driven Cross Trainers

The position of the flywheel decides whether the machine is a rear driven cross trainer or a front driven one. Flywheel at the rear gives an elliptical motion, while at the front gives flatter motion.

Things to check before you buy an Elliptical Cross Trainer

Place For Putting The Cross Trainer – Choose a room that doesn’t get too cold or too hot as the electronic panels of the trainer may get damaged. It is preferable to put the trainer in a room with a TV set or a music player, so that you will have access to motivational music or favourite videos while working out. Bear in mind that cross trainers take up a lot of space, so budget for that too.


Check For Maximum User Weight

Most cross trainers allow a maximum user weight of 130kg. Better the quality of the machine, larger the weight bearing capacity. If you weigh something near 130kg, it would be better if you go for a machine that has a footprint larger than 140cm long and 75cm wide, so that you can comfortably work out.


Choose The Right Stride Length

The maximum distance between the rear of your front door and the front of your rear foot is your stride length. It is important to measure the stride length before you buy a cross trainer, because having a too large stride length will tire you out quickly and a short stride length will make your workouts feel cramped.

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Check Flywheel Weight

Flywheel weight is very important to ensure that you get a good workout. The more the weight of the flywheel, the better. Some manufacturers might falsely put up high flywheel weights. If you feel the weight is unrealistic, check the weight of the whole machine. If the machine weight seems relatively light as compared to the flywheel weight, then you know the manufacturer is lying.


Check Customer Reviews

Go for machines that have more than 1500 reviews. Check each review meticulously. Select only the machines which have maximum good reviews from satisfied customers.

We hope we have been able to give you a fair insight into how to go about buying a Elliptical Cross Trainer. It is fairly easy once you follow these steps. Happy workout!

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