Your Buying Guide Tips about the Electric Mobility Scooter

Reliable mobility electric scooter that are easy to use and easy to maintain, with no license requirement makes an excellent vehicle choice. The powered wheels with a comfortable seat make the scooter ideal for various outdoor activities such as shopping, and move around. Before buying an electric mobility scooter, the buyer must be aware of the purpose and must have an answer to the following questions:

  1. What is the purpose of use of the mobility scooter? Indoor or outdoor or both?
  2. Will you drive on the pavements or main roads?
  3. Are there any steep hills which you need to cross?
  4. What is the speed range and power backup that you are looking for?

Through your understanding about the electric mobility scooter’s requirement, it will become relatively easy to purchase one.


Pros & Cons about Electric Mobility Scooter

Electric mobility scooters have many pros and cons; thus, it is essential for a buyer to understand both before making a purchase.


  • Extremely helpful for the physically challenged and old aged to move here and there.
  • Cheaper than motorised wheelchairs
  • Comfortable seat and foot support are making the 4-wheel mobility scooter quiet famous amongst the masses


  • People with back pain cannot travel through mobility scooter as it requires to sit in an upright position


Features to look at while purchasing electric mobility scooter

The numerous important features that we have accumulated from our top 10 electric mobility scooter to look at while purchasing an electric mobility scooter are:

  1. Wheels

    The number of wheels you require for mobility and stability is the first feature that you must look at. There are 3 types of electric mobility scooter:

    • 3-wheel scooter: A small and easy to move scooter, which is best for indoor travel and has a backup for 9 miles. A low maintenance vehicle with a speed range of 5mph is ideal for the physically challenged people.
      3 Wheels Electric Mobility Scooter with Backrest3 Wheels Electric Mobility Scooter with Backrest
    • 4-wheel scooter: A 4-wheel electric scooter provides more stability than the 3-wheel scooter. A powerful scooter that can navigate through the steep hills and can be invariably used to travel larger distances for outdoors.
      4 Wheels Electric Mobility Scooter with Backrest4 Wheels Electric Mobility Scooter with Backrest
    • Heavy Duty Scooters: As the name suggest, this scooter has an excellent weighing capacity of around 500lbs and has can travel at a higher speed and for longer distances compared to the other two.
  2. Seat

    A seat with backrest and headrest with adjustable features is good to prevent back pains.

  3. Battery

    Most of the mobility scooters work on 12 volts and the run time depends on the size of the battery.

  4. Size

    The size of the scooter is an important feature as many prefer carrying the scooter in their car.

  5. Brake

    All the mobility scooter has braking system, however heavy-duty scooter comes with an emergency brake system.

The mobility scooter can be a boon to people who couldn’t travel however selecting the right scooter can be a challenge. The buyer must understand the different mobility scooters available in the market and must consider the different features.

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