6 Must Know Tips to Help You Choose the Right Air Purifier for Your Singapore Home6 Tips to Help You Choose the Right Air Purifier for Your Home

Trying to choose the right air purifier could seem confusing at first, but it is simple after you get the basic ideas. To help you with that, here are some things you should know about selecting an air purifier for your Singapore home.



Different air purifiers are based on different technology. This make of the air purifiers determines how effective they are and what they can do.

The most popular air purifiers are the ones that use a HEPA filter. However, it is not perfect and can’t do anything about the odor. Also, maintenance is a hassle.

Anyway, good for you, the newest technology of air purifier, the PHI technology is already in the Singaporean market. The PHI technology can kill pollutants, remove bad odor and doesn’t need to be maintained very often.


Size of your Room

Every air purifier model doesn’t have the same range as others. Before getting the device for yourself, you should first measure the size of your room. Your seller can then help you with the right model of air purifier system after he/she gets the measurements.

As an extra tip, we recommend you to pick one which has more range than the total size of your room. This will assure that every impurity in the air is addressed and your area between the four walls is safe.


Price of the Home Air Purifier

Home Air purifiers are not costly when we take into interest what work they do. They give us good air and good health. However, the budget is always a factor when we are considering buying something, and it is no different for a home air purifier.


Maintainance/ Operating Costs

Many air purifiers tend to have filters which you need to replace regularly, thus increasing the running cost. This tends to be one of the disadvantages of the most popular HEPA filter.

But that is not the end to it. Some air purifiers have more than one part that you need to substitute in timely intervals. Hence, the initial market price might not be all that you pay.

Adding on to that, you have electricity bills to pay. So, to choose the right air purifier, you must check the specifications for the voltage.

6 Tips to Help You Choose the Right Air Purifier for Your Home


What Do You Want the Device to Do?

Of course, you want to buy a home air purifier because you want clean air to breathe in. Anyway, the question still persists- why?

Is it because you have frequent asthma problem? Do you want something to trap the pollens that have been causing you nasty allergies? Or say, is it because your house is smelly most of the times? Different air purifiers are designed for different purposes, so go for one that befits your needs.

These were some tips for you to choose the right air purifier for your home. Well, can we recommend one? Check out the Ecoheal Electronic Tree. We saw many positive reviews about it on the web, and after testing it ourselves, we have concluded that this PHI based device might be the best thing we have seen so far.