To enable your business organization to access remote computers or operating system, you will need a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Software. With a VDI software, you could create various virtual machines on a single computer, letting you run multiple operating systems at the same time, allowing you to centralize the data on a hosting desktop on the network. Finding windows virtual desktop infrastructure is not so hard- you look at the best deals around for a software befitting your need, but you should be choosing the right one, which should be the highest rated regarding performance and cost efficiency.

A Good Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Must Let You Do The Following Things.

  • Your software must let you virtualize a desktop or an application.
  • The virtual desktop infrastructure must let a user create a virtual machine- which they can access easily every time they need it.
  • The software must provide easy means to the user to gain the administrative rights in different virtual machines.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Server


Advantages of a Virtual Machine

The virtual machines have a lot of advantages- it makes things a lot easier for your business organization.

Lower the Cost

First off, it is going to lower the cost- with the help of software; you could be controlling and providing all other computers in your organization with the resources and environment- without having to spend a lot on the expensive infrastructures.

For Your Employees

Next, it is not only for you- a VDI will also keep your employees in ease, for they could access their work device from anywhere with another computer, all via the remote desktop connection.

Easy Customization

Sometimes, changes are to be made in the running computer system in your organization. From security to network and even letting MAC users use a Windows application- you could modify or update the system very easily with virtual machines resulting in the better functionality of your organization.


The files inside the virtual network are made private to the isolated virtual systems, meaning they are “virtually unhackable.” Also, the administrators can make rules regarding what the computers are allowed to do and not do in the virtual network. On top of that, adding and removing the devices from the virtual network is really simple.

Access Virtual Desktop via Remote Desktop Protocol

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Highlights Of The RDP VPS:

Cost Efficient

There are many VDI software solutions available, but most of them turn out to be very expensive. Find something that gives you the best for the price you pay. The RDP VPS will only cost you $9.95 per month that is also available with billing cycle such as quarterly, half-yearly, annually and biannually, where the longer the contract period, the cheaper the price will be.


Security is the key, but some VPI solutions may even be leaking your data. Unlike other providers, they are fully dedicated to their plans. For them taking your privacy very highly, your data will completely be safe.

Instant Remote Desktop

You will get an instant Remote Desktop (RDP) just within few minutes after you make an order, expect their support system always to be as quick as this.

Full Admin Access

With any of their plans, you will get a full Admin RDP access. So, it will be very convenient for you to install any software in the network.

Complete Privacy

Your privacy is what counts- they know this from the time you pay. You could use Bitcoins to purchase their product. They also have other payment methods like Credit Cards, PayPal, PerfectMoney, and Payza.

Country to Deploy

Country to deploy your virtual desktop is very important as speed does matter. You can deploy in the region like

  • Germany, Frankfurt
  • US, Los Angeles CA
  • US, Buffalo NY
  • US, Pittsburgh PA
  • UK, London

Runs On Every Windows Machine

For being a Windows Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, the RDP VPS is very convenient. Their operating system software is compatible on every available Windows version including Windows Server 2012 R2 x64, Windows Server 2016 x64, Windows Server 2008 R2 x64, Windows 10 x64 – Evaluation for Testing which recommended RAM memory will be 4GB RAM or More and Windows Server 2008 32Bit. Linux is available as well.

You can also look for an IT Solution Service Provider to assist you in setting up the virtual desktop server.