6 Most Serious Effects of Air Pollution on Children’s Health You Should Know About

Air pollution is more serious than we think. A silent killer as we can say, it is responsible for many adverse health conditions in our children, most of which we are not aware of. Here are some adverse effects of air pollution on children’s health.


First, Let us Start with This- Air Pollution Affects Babies Before they Are Even Born

A study in California, the United States of America revealed that air pollution causes a higher risk of preterm birth. Also known as the premature birth, this condition might be alarming because it increases the risk of several diseases in babies, some even resulting in death.

We are not trying to frighten you at all, but the truth is the truth. Pollutants in the air are never to be taken lightly, so all of us need to figure out a method to tackle the problem.


Air Pollution can Make Asthma and Allergies Worse in Children

Asthma and allergies are not a pleasant experience, especially for little kids. When children get diagnosed with these problems, they have a lot on their plate to worry about. But then there are smoke, dust, mites, and pollutants in the air which the world creates every day that make it tougher for children.


Pollutants Stunt Neurodevelopment

According to UN reports, Air Pollution directly affects neurodevelopment. This means that the pollution can affect the mental-wellbeing of the children resulting in low cognition. A severe issue to say at the least, air pollution, if not controlled now can be the factor for the coming generation being less capable with their thoughts.

6 Most Serious Effects of Air pollution on Children's Health


Air Pollution Affects Lung Development

We have heard about second-hand smoke being dangerous to children, haven’t we? But the truth is that even the air that we breathe can be compared with the smoke of a cigarette. Mixing of smoke particles in the air has been found to affect lung development inversely. Due to this, children who are frequently being exposed to polluted oxygen are prone to having small lungs.

Underdeveloped lungs invite a plethora of problems; some might even be as severe as cancer. So we will need to take it seriously.



Illnesses ranging from the common cold to other more respiratory infection, heart disease and even kidney damage might have contaminants in the air to blame. Kids, whose bodies are still developing have the most significant risks.


One Thing to Know

Do you know that indoor air can be 2 to 4 times toxic than in outdoor? Yes, that is the truth, and thus it might be time for you to change your beliefs. If you have been thinking of keeping your children indoors most of the time for coping with the problem, you have got it wrong.

Think about the activities you do- when you cook, harmful gases are produced which get trapped inside your house. Also, if you have pets there are danders. Sometimes, compounds in the wood particles inside your home might react with the air to create unwanted toxins.

If you don’t believe us, here are the official stats. A report from WHO stated that about 600,000 deaths in children under 15 years in 2016 had one way or another indoor air pollution to blame.

6 Most Serious Effects of Air pollution on Children's Health


So, What Can You Do to Tackle the Effects of Air Pollution on Children’s Health?

The answer is simple- keep your house air clean and teach your kids to use masks. To keep your indoor air clean, you must buy an air purifier; it is a must in Singapore.


Bottom Line:

Air pollution for kids is poisonous- and you are pretty sure about it after knowing the adverse effects of air pollution on kids. Especially the indoor air is danger and to address that, you must buy a PHI powered air purifier which can remove every sort of impurity.