Significant Disadvantages of Poor Air Quality in Your Singapore Home

Poor air quality invites various problems, ranging from illnesses and allergies to weak physical and mental growth in children. These complications exacerbate in Singapore, where the air quality is two times worse than required levels according to WHOs standard. Again, when we are talking about your home, things get even more complicated. According to reports, the air inside your house can be two to five times toxic than outdoors. Today, we discuss the major disadvantages of poor air quality in your Singapore home.


First, Let us Talk About the Various Health Problems Invited by Poor Air Quality.

Air quality in Singapore is a bigger culprit that you think. Statistics say that there has been a 20 percent jump in the number of Asthma and Lung related patients in the last decade.

But it doesn’t limit to there. Toxins in the air can bring in neurological, kidney and blood circulation problems. Adding on to that, according to WHO, one-third of the deaths from stroke, lung cancer, and heart disease is because of air pollution.

The pollutants that we breathe in are no better than cigarette smoke. ‘Protecting ourselves from the air’- this phrase somehow sounds off, but it is a need these days.

The Most Significant Disadvantages of Poor Air Quality in Your Home


What About our Children?

Take all the health issues we discussed above and double the risk. Children are growing; their bodies are still developing. Due to this, their immune system is not as strong as grownups. It means that kids are more susceptible to the troubles caused by poor air quality than adults.

Especially when we are talking about toddlers in your Singapore home, they are more prone to diseases because they crawl. Their bodies are exposed to dust and mites on the floor.

All in all, we can say that the disadvantages of poor air quality are more on kids than adults. Thus, you should have measures to protect your children from anomalies floating in the air.

The Most Significant Disadvantages of Poor Air Quality in Your Home


Other Issues

Poor air carries a lousy smell. When it is stinky, you will be unwilling to stay inside. Additionally, contaminants won’t let your house be fresh. You get a feeling like a vibe inside is somehow unwelcoming. Thus, you and your family might not love your home as you should.

Of course, problems chain when we talk about them. However, poor air quality means your family will be less interested in sharing each other things when the surrounding is not very good. And with health issues being regular with polluted air, you will lose money, and also time.


So, What Can You Do?

First, you must buy a home air purifier; it is not an option but a compulsion. Also, you should clean your house regularly- look out for dust, mites and other particles which can mix up with the air.


Bottom Line

As you can see, there are several disadvantages of poor air quality. Anyway, you can avoid them if you want to. Follow healthy practices in your house, clean it regularly and buy an air purifier system; then you will not need to worry about anything.