6 Excellent Tips for you To Choose the Right Air Purifier for Bacteria and Viruses

Air purifiers are becoming the most in-demand home appliances nowadays, as more people seem to understand the importance of pure air. The device has various applications, one being defending yourself against bacteria, viruses, and flu. Today, we talk about how you can choose an air purifier for bacteria and viruses.

Even though your room may feel like a tidy place once you’ve vacuumed the floors and carpets, there still are millions of bacteria and viruses lingering in the air. Therefore, you need an air purifier that can sterilize all those micro-agents like bacteria and viruses to provide your indoor with fresh and natural air. Being aware of this issue can prevent you and your family from air-borne diseases like flu, common cold and many more.

There are a few factors which you should consider regarding the purifier you’re opting to buy. This is to efficiently and naturally remove the bacteria and viruses in your home.

A good air purifier should have these features.


Abundant natural oxidizers

Natural oxidizers like hydrogen peroxide, ozone, and hydronium ions are responsible for the fresh air we find in the jungle. They react with and eliminate bacteria and viruses. Today there are many purifiers that successfully mimic this process and provide your home with clean air that is generated in the most natural way possible.

How to Choose an Air Purifier for Bacteria and Viruses



Along with being technologically advanced, every appliance we use should be eco-friendly. Energy efficient devices help you to save your bill and your health, both at the same time.


Easy Maintenance

You wouldn’t really want to replace your purifier’s filter after every month or clean it regularly, would you? Newer technology has helped to create a wide range of purifiers which won’t need a lot of maintenance.



There are many affordable yet efficient technologies to choose from in the market. Technology such as PHI is both energy efficient as well as low on cost.

How to Choose an Air Purifier for Bacteria and Viruses


Power Consumption

It is easy to neglect this factor while you’re deciding to install a good purifying system in your home. But believe us, it can be tricky. A seemingly cheap system would cost you relatively high if it has high power consumption than the one which costs more initially.


Overall Functioning

This is another thing for you to consider while choosing an air purifier for bacteria and viruses.

Blind spots in your home where your purifier can’t reach, can be a thing of major concern. But thanks to newer research, many variants have come in the market with no blind spots. That means you won’t have to remain in a certain part of your home to get the fresh air.

Eliminating the virus and bacterial pathogens before they get transmitted the best way to be safe from viral diseases.

Many well-known and efficient technologies like HEPA, Ultraviolet Light Systema, and Advanced Filtration System can be found in the market. PHI is one such new technology that mimics the way our nature does to cleanse the air. It not only eliminates bacterial substances but also dust, mold, and harmful PM2.5 particles.

Also, make sure you find the air purifier that deals with the bad odor that roams your indoor most of the time.

These were some tips for you to choose the right air purifier for bacteria and viruses. We hope it helped you.