Are Air Purifiers Worth It For Your Home Or Are They Just Waste of Money?

Air purifiers are already one of the most popular in demand home appliances in Singapore. However, some house owners are still in doubt if they need to get one, given that they seem a little expensive for something that can fit in a pocket. Well, if you ask us, it is especially because people are not so much acquainted with the facts of the benefits of air purifier. Here, we try to answer, “are air purifiers worth it?”.

Straight Answer- Yes, Air Purifiers are Definitely Worth it and are a Must in Today’s Time.

Although Singapore’s Pollutions Standard Index is in the ‘moderate’ range for most of the times, we have to understand that this measurement can’t be applied indoors. According to various reports, indoor air is two to five times more polluted than outdoor air. So, you are at more risk of getting diseases and allergies when you are inside your house rather than outside.

If you think any one of these air purifier benefits is going to help you then yes, you need to get an air purifier.


Reduced Risk of Asthma and Allergies

Asthma and allergies, both have impurities in the air to blame. Air purifiers take out every allergen and asthma trigger meaning that you won’t be coughing or wheezing when you are inside your house. Here is more about it: why air purifiers work for allergies and asthma.


Pet Dander

Having a pet is wonderful, only that you sometimes pet dander can trigger allergy problems. The same goes for waste materials, tears, etc. An air purifier can help you with all of that.

Are Air Purifiers Worth It Or Are They Just Waste Of Money?



Air pollution is more dangerous than you think. It can be the cause of lung cancer, heart diseases, and respiratory problems. Having a device to tackle pollutions in the air means you will be sick less often and live a long life.


Household Odor

How many times do you feel like not wanting to stay indoors because of some strange smell? Depending on the technology, an air purifier can eliminate household odor. Thus, the device is worth some of your bucks if you want t afresh house all of the time.


Safe for Your Kids

If you have kids, having an air cleaner is a must; there is no other way around it. Little children are more in the risk of having life-threatening diseases than adults because of bad air. You wouldn’t want your children to suffer because of the globalization.

For more tips, here is how you can keep your house clean with kids.

Are Air Purifiers Worth It Or Are They Just Waste Of Money?


Remember to Look for the Best Home Air Purifier System

There are many models available in the market. However, you should seek for one which is cost effective, and at the same time does everything that you expect from a perfect device. One such machine would be the Ecoheal Electronic tree, which is based on PHI technology. It mimics the way nature works to cleanse the air, and at the same time doesn’t cost a lot of money.

Due to this, the technology is used in the White House and many other buildings including five-star hotels, enterprises and even ships. Know more about it here.